Ship with Cardboard Boxes for Secure Arrival

Boxes are the best way to pack up belongs for a fast and secure move. Control packing and stacking by using a wide selection of boxes. It is also a fantastic way to control the weight of boxes particularly if moving without assistance. These containers work for temporary storage or permanent storage.

Why Use Cardboard Containers?

Boxes do not clutter up the environment since they are recyclable and prefabricated. They are essential when shipping or packing for moving or storage. When people start packing it is difficult to decide what is going where. With cardboard boxes, it is possible to leave them open and to decide what you want in each box.

Choose Cardboard Storage According to Shipping Needs:

The option of using corrugated boxes for heavier items is possible with multiple packaging products available. Cardboard is a thinner product. However, corrugated paper is a mixture of cereal box quality, and the tough ruffles you find in heavy shipping. Some cardboard is thick. However, it does not have the inner lining. Boxes designed too thin collapse, and those too short or lack width will serve little purpose when it is necessary to transfer merchandise.

Types of Board:

There are many types of cardboard containers. The size of cardboard boxes is important to any packaging plan. Data is available to help users know how much weight a box will carry and how much force it might take if dropped during shipping. There are dozens of accessories available for use in a cardboard container.

  • The single wall-one sheet of medium corrugated glued to cardboard liner, primarily a roll of wrapping. Used for transport or exhibition.
  • Single face-one sheet glued between two sheets of the liner. Used for wrapping.
  • Triple wall- Three leaves of corrugated cardboard adhered between four sheets of facing paper, good for industrial wrapping.
  • Double wall- Corrugated paperboard placed between two liner sheets, packs heavy items efficiently.

Box styles:

The style of shipping is important to conscientious manufacturers. The necessity for controlling damage to products while maintaining a budget helps to keep a company profitable. Self-packing for those moving merchandise or packing items for sale for companies saves money only if done without damage. Broken dishes upon arrival or items damaged through shipping are costly. In many cases, these items must be replaced. Therefore, choosing the correct size and thickness in cardboard storage is smart.

  • Full overlap-full length overlapping outer flaps, bottom, and top have added thickness.
  • Regular slotted- Flaps the same, outer flaps one half-container width, meeting a center of the box when closed.
  • Full Telescope- Separate units that connect end panels and protect sides. Separated, they create trays with flat bottoms, useful for tall fragile products.
  • One-piece folder- no breaks in the design, It is a slotted, single unit, connected by a slot.

Understanding the type of packaging available will help you choose for business or personal use the most efficient and economical packaging for shipping. Whether you have a creative project to ship or packing for a move across the country, cardboard packaging gets the job done.


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